Here are 10 reasons why penguins are the coolest birds ever. If you dissagree with any please edit this article.

The reasonsEdit

1. Well, come on, arent they just the cutest things! Especially the babies. How could you resist an innocent little ball of fluff!

2. Okay, now on to the serious stuff. There pretty much SUPER-PENGUIN. What other animals can survive such freezing temperatures? Actually, quite a few... but Penguins are the best.

3. Actually, they can fly. Well, they swim, but thats pretty much flying... in water. They're the best swimmers in the bird kingdom, anyway.

4. They've had 5 films and a website dedicated to them. AND they havent let fame go to their heads.

5. They eat squid. Some of them anyway, I think.� Name another animal that eats squid. I cant think of one. (uh sperm whale?)

6.� They do their bit when it comes to parenting. Male emperor penguins struggle through the harsh winter in the centre of the antarctic just to keep their babies safe. and white are so in . orange and yellow are adding . 8.they can breath under water for up to an hour.


Please add your own.

But anyway, the conclusion is:


(What is the point of this article????)